Talgarth Market Friday 3rd February 2017

Talgarth Market - Friday 3rd February 2017
Hoggets Averaged @ 174p/kg Topped @ 215p/kg
Cull Ewes Averaged @ £61.49/hd Topped @ £106.50/hd

1036 Hoggets
An improved entry of hoggets sold to more demand with at least one firm wanting lambs to kill. Those best continental types were hotly contested selling up to 215p/kg for a pen of 40kg lambs from Eckley Farms, Fforddfawr that made £86/hd. Plenty of those export types 175p/kg to 185p/kg with another pen of 40kg from H.R Jones, Glanyafon making 199p/kg and a pen of 42.5kg from Eckley, Fforddfawr at 193p/kg. Meat is king not fat! The light lambs were also stronger selling up to 184p/kg and averaging 164p/kg for the up to 32kg weights. Certainly nicer to see the sheep wanted, but it is only our export firms making any trade. No supermarket jobs today! The heavies also firmer with those 50kg+ lambs making that £80 or a touch more.

178 Cull Ewes
Ewes flying, keenly contested and wanted, more ewes could have been sold. Plenty of ewes £80/hd plus with several of those meated texel ewes £90/hd to £110/hd. More ewes urgently required. We have the buying power for 500 every week.

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