Over £31,000/Acre for Pasture Land at Auction

Auctioneer  Andrew Edwards is delighted with tonight’s public auction where 4.37acres of land sold for £136,000 (over £31,000/acre). “keen bidding and a great sale and really nice to have the auction in a local community venue”. The land does not presently have  any planning permission and was sold subject to an uplift provision and has proven that there is keen demand for opportunities such as this sale.

Should you wish to have anymore information with regard to this sale or wish to sell similar land or property then please don’t hesitate to contact either  Andrew Edwards  or  Graham Baker  at the Hereford office or on 07825066859 (a.edwards [at] st-hereford.co.uk) or 07831119337 who will be only to pleased to help you.

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